Folding/Inserting Machines for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

From filling envelopes and collating content to personalization and postage, we help you with all aspects of mail preparation. We will save you time and money as well as improve the accuracy of your mailings. These solutions address both the companies that make up the supply chain, such as carriers, postal companies, and logistics specialists as well as companies that use logistics processes, such as manufacturers, distributors, etc.

Industrial Folding / Inserting Machines for High Production Business Volume

Our envelope inserting and poly wrap enclosing machines are designed with flexibility and simplicity in mind, backed by quality engineering and 60 years of paper handling Experience.
In addition to our standard range of paper handling products, we design and manufacture bespoke mailing systems to our client's requirements. Using these machines can have a dramatic impact on the productivity of your postage department and can help reduce costs by lessening the need for human input into the process. The automatic inserters will also give your mailings a professional and consistent feel. The company supplies a range of both types of the machine designed to suit the needs of different businesses.

Card Mailing Solutions

You want your plastic card to arrive at the right moment at your Audience. Whether this should be done through a Single large mailing, on-call when your new customers present themselves, or through a monthly mailing to new members. Cards Unlimited has two highly advanced card mailing machines to do the job.
These extremely modern card-mailing machines offer a reliable and efficient solution for many kinds of mailings. The out reading of bar codes, magnetic stripe, and contactless chips, makes the machine multifunctional. The software makes it possible to place up to four plastic cards on a bracket, allowing a saving on postage costs for mailings. The line is also equipped with two attachment stations, which can add attachments to the mail pack. The unique folding mechanism allows the letter containing the card to be folded in Z, C, or V-fold to fit in envelopes.

Card Personalization Solutions

Our expertise in the production of card personalization solutions, desktop thermal transfer printers, and systems for metal tag marking Extended versatility and unique features that have enabled our company to meet modern demands in every sector define our range of products for decentralized and centralized card issuance.
Extended personalization opportunities ensure our strong presence in a complete range of application fields.

Front & Back Office Check Scanning & Encoding Solutions

Cheques are frequently distributed, handled, and processed among multiple parties: customers, financial institutions, (staff and divisions), and cheque processing centers. Cheque retrieval by scanning through paper files Banks are getting more dependent on the third party, increasing operating cost due to extra cost for transportation to the storage area.