Do more with less with forcepoint Next-Gen Firewall

Blocking 100% of evasion attempts and 99.1% of exploits, Forcepoint NGFW was given a AAA rating when tested by CyberRatings.

Get Your Next-Gen Firewall with TechMinds

As a partner to ForcePoint in Egypt, TechMinds will provide you with the Next-Gen Firewall and help you in implementation and installation. With TechMinds and ForcePoint, you'll get:

Greater security with less disruption

Built-in Secure SD-WAN, zero trust network access controls and the ability to push out unified policies globally with one click empowers your team to manage and maintain a secure network at scale.

Get ahead of breaches by lowering your exposure

With one central console, you gain 360-degree visibility which lets you quickly identify risks. And industry-leading integrated intrusion detection and prevention helps you mitigate them before they become a problem.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Cut down on redundant tasks. With advanced automation, you can get updates and upgrades on your schedule. Plus with a single management console, you can make changes on a global scale.

Hybrid-ready, multi-cloud enabled

Designed like software, rather than hardware, NGFW gives you the flexibility to deploy on hardware, virtually or in the cloud. Open API's let you customize automation and orchestrations to your own specifications.

Continuously battle-tested

ForcePoint products routinely undergo rigorous certifications testing to meet the most stringent needs of sensitive and critical industries, agencies, organizations and governments around the world.

Deploy from anywhere

Advanced tooling allows you to automate, orchestrate and accelerate your network architecture - remotely and at scale.

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