Managed Print Services

The Managed Print Services uses comprehensive security, analytics, digitization and cloud technologies and software to deliver a more seamless work experience across paper and digital platform. Simply Build a Better Work Experience!

Office Printing Technology

We work with the printing technology leaders in the managed print services market, with wide-array of product portfolio; single-function printer to Multifunction Devices, B&W and Color serving small office/home office workers up to large groups with different/advanced/complex requirements.

Production Printing Technology

Delivering best-of-breed technology, solutions and software which meet the high-end production needs, high-volume, print-on-demand and 1:1 requirement

Workplace Solutions

Our comprehensive print management solution helps connect your team’s technology seamlessly—while providing the security, access control and usage tracking that organizations need.
No matter where your team is working, they need an easy and convenient way to connect and access your company’s printer and services. Whether they’re scanning with an MFP app or printing from an office-based desktop computer, laptop, Chromebook or a mobile device on the go, Workplace Solutions connects them to your multifunction printer effortlessly. All the while, you maintain control of user access, with complete visibility of document usage and content across your fleet.

Digital Transformation Services

If your workflows are inefficient then processes can take too long, therefore, it is crucial to adopt new technologies and methods to be efficient!
Every organization processes information and many rely on manual processes and paper documents.
We help organizations digitize their data and transform their processes to increase efficiency, make faster and better-informed business decisions and also realize a rapid return on investment.
Our experienced team and leading solutions help organizations.
1. Capture and digitize paper, digital and mobile content
2. Manage content with advanced document management
3. Automate processes with digital forms, task management, reporting and analytics
4. Integrate with other applications to leverage existing data and provide a seamless user experience Ensure security and compliance with robust audit trail, digital signatures, and records management Infrastructure & Data Security Services Digitalization is helping organizations to grow faster, however, the challenge is - unless digitalization is associated with up-to-date solutions to secure the digital assets of the business, the business would be at a big risk, TechMinds helps you to assess the risk, have a vision to secure the digital assets and select the best practice technology components to address this challenge currently and moving forward along with cost optimization.